Bay Area Community Land Trust

Our vision

Permanently affordable, resident-owned cooperative housing communities to benefit workers, families, students, seniors, disabled, low and middle income folks from diverse backgrounds, now and forever.


Berkeley Affordable Housing Tax Campaign! The Berkeley City Council unanimously voted to place the Affordable Housing Tax on the ballot for November 8, 2016. Read more...

AB2818, to reduce property taxes on CLT housing, was signed by Gov. Brown! This state legislation will reduce property taxes on resale restricted CLT housing. It is sponsored by the California Community Land Trust Network and will make our housing even more affordable.

Past Events

East Bay Cooperative Housing Gatherings
BACLT sponsored two Co-op Gatherings so far this year. The first was on February 6 at Atchison Village in Richmond, and presented a discussion of Co-op Bylaws and the importance of amending them to remain in compliance with state law. Over 50 people attend this session. On June 11, 40 people joined us at the Berkeley Town House for a panel discussion on Conflict Resolution. We will be adding these events on our News & Events page soon.

Arc of Justice traces the remarkable journey of New Communities, Inc. (NCI) in southwest Georgia, a story of racial justice, community organizing, and perseverance in the face of enormous obstacles. Showing times: Click here to learn more.

News & Events

Annual Member Meeting November 12!
Bay Area Community Land Trust will celebrate its 10th Anniversary at the Annual Member meeting on November 12, 2-4pm at the South Berkeley Library. We will also celebrate our Ninth Street Co-ops 30th Anniversary. There will be a discussion about the Election results, especially as they relate to housing issues at the local level. We will be adding to the agenda, so stay tuned. This is also time to renew your membership, so you can mail a check to PO Box 2652, Berkeley CA 94702 or online at:

Ninth Street Co-op is 30 Years Old!
Ninth Street Co-op was formed in 1986, and became a member co-op of BACLT on January 1, 2015. Read more...

Brown Shingle Mutual Housing Progress Report
BACLT acquired the three Brown Shingle buildings sixteen months ago, and we have made tremendous progress in renovating the property and preparing the residents for self-management. Read more...

New Projects

Hibiscus Commons
Hibiscus Commons is a new BACLT committee that is working to develop a senior co-op in the East Bay. Made up of a group of women who have been working for two years to develop a cohousing co-op, we welcome them as part of BACLT and are working to help them fulfill their dream and to create a model Elder Co-op that goes back to some of our earliest plans. Read more...

New BACLT Website
Thanks to the assistance of Luis A. Frigo, a resident at Brown Shingle and professional website designer, we have revitalized our website. We plan to expand it and utilize it more effectively. Please visit it ( and give us feedback on what you like and how we might improve it. Also, a special thanks to Mickey Ellinger, who built our original website and has kept it going to many years.

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