Hibiscus Commons: A Project of BACLT

About Us

Hibiscus Commons is the first elder cooperative project of the Bay Area Community Land Trust (BACLT).

A self-organized cooperative of Bay Area residents, together we have long histories of activism and leadership throughout the Bay Area and are concerned over the rising costs of elder housing and care along with the challenges of aging in place.

Hibiscus Commons will be an intentional residential community committed to environmentally and economically sustainable living and aging together. Environmental sustainability is central to our vision, so we will work to create a net-zero energy residence located near public transportation. We intend to integrate into our neighborhood by serving as a resource, as a gathering place for community projects and progressive activism, and as a model of the benefits of cooperative living.

Hibiscus Commons exemplifies the innovative ways the BACLT proposes to address the rising cost of elder care, and aims to be a replicable model for many senior housing cooperatives in the future. We seek to buy property to create this community, and are interested in identifying below market and underutilized properties that can be developed for a lower cost.

Cooperative Living: Affordable Aging in Community tells you more about our cooperative living model.

Our Orientation Package reveals our mission and purpose, our history, and the process of becoming a member of Hibiscus Commons during this pre-purchase phase.

In Are You a Fit for Hibiscus Commons?, discover what we are looking for in new members.

In Hibiscus Commons Financial Requirements, understand the financial commitment during this pre-purchase phase of the project, and potential income restrictions for resident members once we acquire a property.