Derby Walker House Cooperative

Derby Walker House Cooperative was Berkeley’s first new housing co-op in 18 years.


The transfer of title of Derby Walker House Cooperative to its residents and the Bay Area Community Land Trust is the realization of a commitment made more than 40 years ago.


This house, at the corner of Derby and Walker Streets, was the pivot of a vibrant community of like-minded neighbors starting back in the late 1960s.

For more about the Derby Walker House, see Laurie Weitz Frazier’s personal perspective, the video interview with Mary Barnes and the dedication press conference below.

Ninth Street Co-op

The Ninth Street Co-op after 28 years as an independent housing co-op, on January 1, 2015, the Ninth Street Co-op became a BACLT project. The history of the Coop and its formation can be found here (link PDF).


The Ninth Street Co-op has large vegetable gardens with year-round produce, as well as many fruit trees, as well as a chicken coop with ten hens producing delicious eggs! Members also have their own private backyards and gardens. Members do most of the routine maintenance and landscaping, and each month, members spend a few hours on garden and maintenance tasks.

Some highlights about Ninth Street:

  • It is a five-unit Limited Equity Housing Co-op (LEHC) in West Berkeley, with 8 members.

  • The units were all one-bedroom apartments, and there are also four garages.

  • Rents have stabilized over the past several years, with only occasional increases. Rents range from $430 to $690 a month. New residents pay a “share value” (similar to a down payment) of approximately $5500 to buy into the co-op.

  • In 2004, they refinanced the property to install solar photo-voltaic electricity and dual-paned insulated windows in all units. This greatly increased the energy efficiency, while significantly reducing gas and electric bills.

Brown Shingle Mutual Housing

Brown Shingle Mutual Housing was donated to BACLT on March 28, 2015.


Brown Shingle includes three large brown shingle houses on a single property in South Berkeley.

BACLT has managed the property as rental housing and has started the process of transition to partial resident management, with ongoing oversight and technical assistance.


For more about the history of Brown Shingle read here.

The houses were built between 1903 and 1908, with a mix of four large 3 bedroom flats, a large communal house, and the original water tower.

The property had been self-managed since 1975, after tenants forced the landlord into foreclosure after a two-year rent strike and purchased the property. The landlord intended to replace the houses with a large apartment building. The tenants were part of Berkeley Tenants Union, Local 7 who led a much larger rent strike of many properties in Berkeley from 1973 to 1975.

In 2002, the tenants put the houses into a Limited Liability Corporation or LLC, as a legal ownership structure.


The LLC decided to donate the property to BACLT to make sure it would be well maintained, well-managed, and permanently affordable.​​

Stuart Street Apartments

  • Acquired by MABC in 1978 to provide affordable housing for its low-income members.


  • As congregation dwindled and people moved away due to high costs of living, the building became vacant and experienced blight.

The Stuart Street Apartments in South Berkeley is property adjacent to and owned by the McGee Avenue Baptist Church.

  • joint project between the Historic McGee Avenue Baptist Church (MABC) and the Bay Area Community Land Trust (BACLT)


  • addresses the dire housing needs of the Berkeley African American community by rehabilitating MABC’s eight-unit residential property into affordable housing for those under threat of displacement.


  • From August 2019 with completion estimated by March/April of 2020, the property will be renovated and rehabilitated.


  • Plans include eight single bedroom units, one unit being fully ADA compliant, all intended for South Berkeley residents under threat of displacement below 80%, 60%, and 30% AMI.

Fairmount House in Oakland

Fairmount House is located in the Oakland Ave/Harrison/Grand Lake district of Oakland.


In early 2019, the owner of the Fairmount House passed away and his trustee donated the property to BACLT.


This turn of the 20th century home is divided into ten separate units. BACLT is currently working with the residents to convert the property into a cooperatively managed building.

Newton House Collective

The Newton House Collective is located in the East Lake district of Oakland.

  • The house was built in 1906 by the prominent Seulberger family of Oakland horticulturists and florists, and has been designated a historical landmark.

  • BACLT purchased the property in September 2018 from a sympathetic owner who sold the property below market value so that the residents could enjoy permanently affordable, resident controlled housing.


Since 2008, this house has provided affordable housing as a POC LGBQT collective.